Red Brick, Tough Dame Cabernet

With apologies to Raymond Chandler...

The just-released 2009 Red Brick Cellars, Tough Dame Cabernet Sauvignon is as honest as you can expect a wine to be in a world where it's going out of style.

If you've been shaking two nickels together for a month, trying to get them to mate, this is your perfect red.
From 30 feet away the Tough Dame rivals look like a lot of class. From 10 feet away they look like something made up to be seen from 30 feet away.

Among Cabernets in the same price range, it's about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food cake.
Competing producers gave the winemaker a look which ought to have stuck at least four inches out of his back.

The Tough Dame's price/value ratio would make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.

It's one of those reds that came down from the mountain passes and curls your hair and makes your nerves jump and your face flush. After a glass meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks. Anything can happen. 

Barely translucent garnet-to-brick.
Mocha and anise hints on top of the currant/cassis nose, with a touch of vanilla.
Nice structure, heft and extraction - varietal fruit just starting to "bloom".

"Great noirish label. Love it."
- Sam Sarowitz, author of "Art of the Modern Movie Poster",
owner Posteritati Movie Posters in NYC

"I like the 'murder with a blade' image"
- Maria Mendoza, Kayo Books, San Francisco, CA

"I love the Tough Dame, that's awesome."
- Summerlea Kasher, Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

"...this is right up my dark alley."
- Eddie Muller, Film Noir Historian, author of "The Art of Noir"   

CTC004  $19.99/bottle

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